About - Chris Lutton

About Chris

Welcome to my photography website! I am an amateur photographer living in Newburyport, MA, which is why the majority of my photographs are New England based. I also have a passion for travel, so hopefully over time my photos will start to span a much wider range of locations.

I have always had a love of the outdoors and the natural world, so when I decided to take up photography in the winter of 2017, it was landscape photography that I was naturally drawn to. I love getting outside and exploring, and luckily for me I am a morning person, so I don’t mind getting up before the sunrise to capture the beautiful early morning light.

The real challenge I find in landscape photography is in trying to capture the essence of a place, whether it is beautiful mountain scenery, ocean vistas, or just your local downtown. It is easy to take a camera and just snap away, but how do you truly capture the essence of what you see and feel when you are in a beautiful location? Your eyes and your brain take in the scenery and process it in a way that your camera can’t, so I work with the location and the light to try to capture a photo in a way that hopefully will do justice to what I see and feel. Sometimes I feel that I am successful, sometimes not so much!

I hope you enjoy my photos, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I enoy connecting with other photographers, so please feel free to reach out to join me for a photo shoot if interested!